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 Typ Fiesta 3-türer
 Baujahr 2004
 Farbe blau
 Ausstattung ST
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 Motor  Fahrwerk, Reifen & Felgen
 Motor: 2,0l 150 PS
 Änderungen Motor:

-Carbon housed cold air intake feeded from the fog light;
to fit it, the battery had to moved back in the sparewheel comp.
-A modest remap
-(Cam cover painted in black wrinkle paint; DuratecST plate )

 Reifen & Felgen: 195/45 R 16

-Front-upper strut brace
-Stronger stabilizer links
-Polyurethane bushings
-Ferodo DS2000 pads
-Whiteline rear anti roll bar
-Gunmetal aluminium wheelnuts (light and nice)

 optisches Tuning    Sound & Multimedia
 Abgasanlage: Toyosports 4-2-1 exhaust manifold
 Änderungen Exterieur:

-Detangoed-black facelift headlights
-Black plastics outside
-Small st150 decals on the side
-Black sidestripes
-Fiesta Mk.2 badge in black, black ST badge
-Tinted rear lights
-Rear 3 windows tinted black
-New bonnet made of carbon-glass fibre reinforced polymer w/ Aerocatch pins (2.5kg, completely home made, not the nicest, but almost took a year to finish, kinda proud of it :)

 Änderungen Interieur:

-Nothing special. Std Radio 6006 flied quickly, some average JVC head unit built in.
-Aluminium shift knob and leather sleeve; the original is quite an ugly thing.
-Rear area stripped for saving weight (work of 15mins, -with the passenger seat, ~85 kgs can be left behind, noticable improvement!)
-Noname but nice and small steering wheel
-Light (~7+3kg) bucket seat
-Scrap-buy inner door handles wrapped with the left-over carbon-fibre

 Sonderausstattung    geplante Änderungen

 Änderungen: -Currently saving up for a camshaft kit+inlet manifold+remap in hope for some ~180 ps
-H&R lowering springs installed, but I felt it wasn't in harmony with the stock dampers, so swapped back to OEM